Sunday, 31 January 2016

Clarity Calendar - Jan

Any fellow Clarity addicts are likely to have the 2016 Clarity Calendar. I think it scores a perfect hattrick for any crafter

1. Beautiful artwork from Barbara Gray to cheer you through the year
2. Detailed (pictures and words) instructions so you can create your own version of the masterpieces
3. A new challenge encouraging us all to submit our reproductions for review :-)

Well it encouraged me take down the calendar and have a bash anyway. I'll be honest, and say I'd tried this once before at a Clarity Retreat. I hadn't been terribly happy with what I produced, however, with more time, and fewer distractions I am much prouder of this effort.

Clarity Calendar Challenge - January


  1. I like how you have done the reflection a lovely card. Good luck in the calendar challenge.xx

  2. I love this looks so natural good luck in the clarity calendar challenge x