Keeping track of challenges

Now I confess I'm a bit of an organiser, and also that I've been trying to follow too many challenges. I have lists here there and everywhere, and on more than one occasion have embarrassed myself by either missing, or misreading the rules of a challenge, and find myself wishing to retract an entry, even if I've relished the inspiration.

So, to help me, and anybody else out there who might be like minded I've created a table of all the challenges I'm currently trying to follow. It gives you:

  • The name of the blog (I promised, there will be more links, but not today)
  • When it opens
  • When it closes
  • What sort of challenges it provides, it may not be all things all the time
  • Does it permit multiple entries?
  • Can you combine an entry with other challenges
  • Notes on challenges that require 100% original artwork, or require use of proprietary materials etc.
 Please forgive any errors or omissions, and the formatting, it's a straight cut and paste from my word processing package and I admit it's not pretty.

January 2017 - I know this is probably now very out of date, certainly a few challenges are no longer running, and others have changed bits and bobs. At some point I may manage to go through and update it, but in the meantime, I would strongly recommend one or both of the following websites that follow papercraft challenges. I only discovered them after pulling this together, and they are awesome :-)

Paper Playful:
Challenges for Days:

Name Opens Closes Freq Sketch Colour Theme # Entries Combo?
ABC 1st and 15th 2 weeks Tuesday Twice a month

Yes 1 10 total
Addicted to CAS Sat Sat 1200 AEST Fortnightly

Yes Yes 2 10 total
Allsorts Sat Fri 1400 GMT Weekly

Yes Yes 3 Non exclusive
CAS Colours & Sketches Thurs Wed 2300 GMT Weekly Yes Yes

3 5 total
CAS on Sunday Sun Fri 1800 Dutch Fortnightly Yes

Yes 1 Unlimited
CAS(E) this sketch Thurs Thurs 0900 EST Weekly Yes

Unlimited Non exclusive
CASology Tues Mon 1800 GMT Weekly

Yes Not stated Non exclusive
Clarity 1 1st Month end Monthly

Yes 1 Non exclusive
Clean and Simple Fri Fri Weekly Yes

Not stated Not stated
Colour Me Wed Mon 1200 EST Weekly


Unlimited 3 total
Colour Q Tues Mon Midn CST Weekly


Not stated Not stated
Color Throwdown Wed Mon 1800 EST Weekly


Not stated Unlimited
Craft Stamper 2 1st Friday 2 wks Wed Monthly

Yes 3 Non exclusive
Curtain Call 1st and 15th 10th and 25th 0800 CST Twice a month

Yes Not stated 6 total
Freshly Made Sketches Wed Mon 1200 PST Weekly Yes

Not stated 4 total
Friday Mashup Fri Wed 1800 EST Weekly Yes

Yes Not stated 6 total
Fusion Thurs 2 weeks Tues Noon PST Fortnightly Yes

Yes Unlimited Not stated
I heart sketches 3 Mon Sun 200 CST Weekly Yes Yes Yes Not stated Not stated
Jingles Belles (Xmas) Fri 2 weeks Wed 1800 EST Fortnightly

Yes Not stated Not stated
Just add Ink Fri Wed 2200 AEST Weekly

Yes Not stated 6 total
Less is More (CAS) Sat Fri 2200 GMT Weekly

Yes Yes Several 5 total
Mojo Monday Monday Sun 2200 Mt Weekly Yes

No limit Not stated
Nacho Average Tues Sun Weekly Yes Yes

Not stated Not stated
Retro Sketches Sat Fri 2359 CEN Weekly Yes

Unlimited Non exclusive
Shopping our Stash Tues Mon Midn ET Weekly

Yes Not stated 13 total
Simon Says Monday Mon Sun Midn EST Weekly

Yes Yes 5 Non exclusive
Simon Says Wednesday Wed Wed 0800 EST Weekly

Yes 5 Non exclusive
Sketch Saturday Sat Fri 1900 GMT Weekly Yes

3 Not stated
Stamping Sensations 1st Sunday See blog Monthly

Yes Yes 3 Unlimited
Sunday Stamper Sunday Sat 2100 GMT Weekly

Yes Yes Not stated Not stated
Sweet Stampin' Sat Fri 1800 GMT Weekly

Yes Yes 2 Not stated
Sweet Stampin' Christmas 2nd Wed 2nd Tues 1800 GMT Monthly

Yes Yes 2 Not stated
That Craft Place Sun Sat 2200 GMT Fortnightly

Yes 3 Not stated
Time Out Thurs Wed 1700 GMT Fortnightly

Yes Unlimited Unlimited
Tis the Season (Xmas) Thurs 2 weeks Tues 1200 EST Fortnightly

Yes Not stated 4 total
Tuesday morning sketches Tues Sun 2000 EST Weekly Yes

Not stated Not stated
Uniko 3rd Friday 2 weeks later Monthly

Yes Unlimited Unlimited
Viva la Verve Fri Month end Once a week for a month Yes

Not stated Non exclusive
1Proprietary – Clarity stamps and stencils only
2Original artwork required
3Proprietary – From the Heart stamps must be used

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  1. this is a fabulous idea! i really struggle with keeping track and often don't play along for that reason. i've tried an excel sheet, but silly me for not including the links. thanks for the inspiration!