Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A different sort of make ... tasty treats

It was tempting to call this '.. and now for something completely different'.

I set this blog up to get me to dive into my growing card-making/papercrafting stash that I wasn't really using. But it's not a good reflection of all the things I like to make. I've been sewing for almost as long as I can remember, knitting since I was at primary school (although I then took quite a long break!), and have enjoyed baking for a very long time. My paper crafting is a pretty new thing.

I have a notebook, that on its first page, titled Crafting 2006, says "make all own cards". I failed, or more correctly I didn't manage it :-) I think the first year I will manage it will be this year. I was massively inspired by the likes of Barbara Gray, Sheena Douglas and Joanna Sheen on Create and Craft during a bout of flu a few years ago. Barbara Gray is my paper crafting hero, and I love her blog.

However, since my first post here on 7th February, I've been neglecting some of my other crafts, unless I've gone on a 'binge' - I did a lot of knitting at Easter. Baking has pretty much dropped off the map. I received a new recipe book this week, All Things Sweet by Rachel Allen, and I went on a binge bake today. I'd exhausted my card-making enthusiasm, but still wanted to make something, however as is typical I couldn't decided what to make, so made three different things. Tempting?

Cinnamon crumble cake (at the front)
Double chocolate pecan blondies (at the back)
Banana, ginger and golden syrup bread (the half cut loaf)

I can't feel any less than delighted to have received over 1300 page hits since I set up this wee blog. No followers yet, but hopefully one day soon I'll have a blog that's worth people coming back to.

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